Here are some quality resources for you that I think will be helpful on your journey to wellness. I only want to bring you the best value, so please send me your feedback and suggestions.

I may earn $ on these affiliate links at no cost to you. Thanks for helping keep the cats fed.

Resources for grass-fed beef

ButcherBox is one of my favorite resources. They make it easy for me to eat clean with grass-fed & free-range meats that are free of hormones and antibiotics. I grew up on a farm and appreciate that they only source from humanely raised animals. Build your own custom box or choose a curated one. Plus, you can always add on whatever extra meat you need for any particular month. This really cuts down on what I need to carry home from the store. Bonus, the subscription delivery dates can be changed virtually hassle free if my freezer is full. Give them a try. You can taste the difference.
Kettle & Fire Bone Broth - Shop Now
I stumbled on Kettle & Fire when I was doing some research for my thyroid issues. I was reading about the cognition and energy boost benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms which Kettle & Fire have included in their mushroom chicken bone broth. Funny story… my first day on the Autoimmune Protocol this bone broth was the only thing I could eat for breakfast the first morning because of a severe lack of planning. It really saved me that day.
Bloom Honey

OMG! Bloom Honey has the best raw unpasteurized honey I’ve ever tasted. My personal favorite is the orange blossom added to my tea, but I also keep the white clover, sage, and avocado in my pantry for cooking. Try a 4-pack and see how great it is to finally have real raw honey straight from the hive with all the nutritional benefits instead of that stuff from the grocery store that’s diluted with corn syrup. Worth it.
Freshly - Enjoy Dinner Without Any Work

There are times when I just cannot get it together and need a chef to prepare my food. Luckily there’s a much cheaper alternative and the food is sooooo good, I kid you not. These chef-prepared meals arrive from Freshly already prepared for me to pop in the fridge and later microwave for 3 minutes when I’m ready to eat. It takes all the guess-work and stress out of meal prep. So, don’t beat yourself up for not being able to be a Pinterest-worthy meal prepper. Try it for a week with a generous discount and see what you think. It’s really easy to change or deactivate when you need to. Gluten free, no preservatives, all natural, no refined sugars, and a lot of dairy free options. More value and taste for your money than other programs I’ve tried. Delish!
Organic Produce Delivered - $10 Off First 4 Boxes - Use Code SHARE40 Free Shipping On Wild Seafood & Organic Fare! Countdown to Summer

I may earn $ on these affiliate links at no cost to you. Thanks for helping keep the cats fed.